About Hatteras Pools

Hatteras Pools History

Friends for years and avid swimmers, Ken McNeil and Joe Biron had a vision. Their desire was to see every family enjoy the benefits of their own private swimming pool. They decided to put their nearly forty years of combined experience in the fiberglass industry to work. They set out to design the strongest, most durable, cost effective pool in the industry. Initially, Joe and Ken did it all. They made the sale, built the pool, delivered it, excavated the hole, installed it, plumbed it, backfilled and finished the project. They didn't do this just once or twice, they did it hundreds of times. With each pool they worked to improve the quality and the process. It will suffice to say they understand the fiberglass pool business from the top to the bottom. Fifteen years later, they are still at it, only now they sell their pools through a network of certified dealers.

Hatteras Pools Vision

Vision is not just a matter of seeing what is right before us, it is also the ability to project into the future. From the onset, the Hatteras vision has been to manufacture the best quality pool in the industry. Every year we look for additional ways to improve our product to maintain our reputation for the highest quality pools in the industry. We use only the strongest triple layer fiberglass and marine grade resin materials in the manufacturing process. Our motto has always been, "We make them stronger so yours will last longer". That is why your Hatteras Pool comes with a lifetime warranty.

What's in a name?

In the early years, most of our pools were sold along the coast of North and South Carolina. You may have noticed that the names of our pools are inspired by the coastal towns of this area. Our company drew particular inspiration from the lighthouse found on the Outer Banks. Since 1870, the Hatteras lighthouse has been a beacon for sailors in the stormy Atlantic. This unique black and white striped lighthouse has come to symbolize enduring quality through it's many years of faithful service. We feel like Hatteras Pools should carry on this tradition of craftsmanship, service, and enduring quality.