Jockey's Ridge fiberglass pool


It's a sports pool. Jockey's are sportsmen and sportsmen wear jockeys. At least some do. Besides, all our pools are named after locations on the outer banks of North Carolina. Who would want to name a sports pool "Avon"? Break out the volley ball net, pass the basketball or swim some laps, this pool is for all the jocks out there.

Grand Rodanthe fiberglass pool


Have you ever had one of those delicious deserts that was served in a delicate little dish. You know, the kind that tasted so great you just wanted more? The Grand Rodanthe is more. It's like getting the whole pie, or the whole container of ice cream. A 16' x 37' giant dish of fun!

Grand Buxton fiberglass pool


All the features of a Buxton, just bigger. It's like plus sizing your fries only healthier. You get more of the best without spending a ton more. This pool fits the big crowd and the tall people!

Wilmington fiberglass pool


We've taken our best selling pool and plus sized it! It's not just bigger (although it is) it's also better! We've added a third seat plus increased the length of the pool by two feet. More room for more people and more fun!

The Pamlico fiberglass pool


The Manteo's big brother has plenty of space to swim and a large step area for lounging.

The Rodanthe fiberglass pool


Sleek, stylish, simple, sexy (not that a pool can really be sexy, we just ran out of words that started with the letter 's'). This is our elegant model. Smooth, curvy lines and lots of swim space.

The Manteo Sport fiberglass pool


We have added a seven foot long, two foot deep shelf to one of our most popular pools. The shelf has seats on both sides and is a perfect place to put your lounge chair or let the kids play. A lot more pool for not much more money.

The Buxton fiberglass pool


Our most popular pool. Great shape, tremendous features, it's a social event waiting to happen. People just love to hang out by this pool. Great steps, fun seats and a safety ledge all add up to make this our number one seller. A perfect size for most yards (14' x 31'), it will also be easy on the budget.

The Roanoke fiberglass pool


An all time favorite dating back to... well, we're not really sure. We just know that as long as mankind has been swimming there has been a kidney shaped pool. Plenty wide (14') and long enough to swim a few strokes (28'), this pool also includes a safety ledge around the deep end of the pool. This is a hot seller to cool you down.

The Manteo fiberglass pool


A classic rectangular pool with the emphasis on classic. Not just a four sided hole in the ground, this pool sports entry steps across the whole end of the pool (a great place for all the non swimmers to hang and visit while staying cool), shapely corners and lots of space to swim.

The Beauford fiberglass pool


Take our best selling pool and shrink it to fit the budget and your yard and you have our Beaufort pool. At 12'x25' it's big enough for the family and priced small enough for the budget.

The Kitty Hawk fiberglass pool


Ok, so you want the palm trees, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, etc., and a swimming pool, but you are on a limited budget? Besides, you don't really swim, you just like looking good by the pool and working on your tan. This pool is for you. Shapely, 11' x 23' and affordable, so you can get the palm trees.

The Holden fiberglass pool


Ok, so you have a size challenged yard but you really want a pool. Not one of those that is the same depth across the whole bottom. We've got just the pool for you. The Holden is a sleek, oval shaped pool with a sloped bottom. With it's 10' x 20' size it fits where other pools cannot go.

The Wanchese fiberglass pool


The baby of all Hatteras Pools. This fits the crib when nothing else can. At 9'x18' it goes where other pools dare not venture. For not much more than the price of a hot-tub you have much more room to get wet! So if you think there is no room in your yard for a pool, this pool may be your answer.

The Sanderling fiberglass pool


It's a spool! It's to big to just be a spa, and it's to small to be a pool, so we just call it a spool! We throw in a bunch of jets (the water kind), swirl up the water real good and let you pretend you are swimming when you're really just relaxing! It will fit in any yard and maybe even some SUV's.